Saturday, August 15, 2009

Another Little Miracle

It was Sunday night, We had come home from a terrific service at church and all the "littles" were tucked into bed. The phone began to ring and a smile crept across my face. I picked up and to my delight it was Justin.

After a while he sighed during the conversation, "If there ever was an impossible week for a get-together, well, this is it,"

"But, God has worked out a visit every week! He might still have something for us," I smiled.
"True, but what if we don't see each other?" he asked.
I thought a moment, "Well, then, God must have a reason... but I still think we will have a get-together,"
I could "hear" a smile on the other line, "That's just what I wanted to hear,"

And Guess what everyone??????

Three days later my family and I were heading out to Justin's church to visit/volunteer at their VBS and to have Lunch with his family!!

Caleb and Stephie playing with their toys. It takes us about 35-40 minutes to get to the Muzyka's.

Me Brother and Me Pal... reading "RedWall"

Dad, the dear and devoted Driver.

The VBS!

Katey was quite distressed to be left alone so Mrs. Muzyka "adopted" her.
They are at the Sound booth.

Kids participating in the offering.

The skit. From Left to Right- Trevor, Justin's cousin Leah, and his sister Jessica

Jessica "switching on" the Time Machine.

Look at the lights flashing away!

Justin took My parents out for Brunch, but I had to stay at the VBS (just kidding ) ... But they all said that they enjoyed getting to know each other better. I was glad that he got to spend some time with my parents, considering I had a few weeks before went out with his parents for a couple hours. The rest of the day though, I got to see him, and five other little peoples too tagged along too..... but that is a much longer tale to tell!!!!!

"Hello, My names is..."

Well, the shirt is self explanatory... :)

Kate having fun "fishing"

Justin's Aunt Jackie.

Blowing Bubbles!


At the Muzyka's house! The Mom's Making Lunch.

Having grilled cheese.

Justin preparing the drinks.

"Please, no pictures,"

Hey, it was Caleb's birthday!! He turned five that day!
He said, "That was the best birthday ever!"

My sweetheart and I.

God bless, Rebecca.

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