Friday, August 7, 2009

Back to School...Again!

Charles Edward Perugini 1878

It's that time of year again!!
This past Wednesday I registered for the Night college once again!
This semester I am taking Bible DoctrinesI and Christian Woman's MinistriesI.

I am excited about both classes,- Bible DoctrinesI because I want to learn more about the good old KJB! Christian Woman's MinistriesI because we will be studying the women of the Bible, how God used them, and how they served Him.

When my Dad was laid off in April I worried about how I could ever return to school. My wonderful parents and Grandparents had been paying the bill in the past two years.

BUT ...
God is always in control.
I prayed, "Lord, if you want me to return to school, I'm going to need money... If you want me to return... will you provide some way for me?"
God is good, and He did want me to return.

Little odd jobs began popping up here and there, people have come up to me and offered to pay me to do little jobs!
My pastor asked me to clean the Academy building at our church through the summer... I was asked to babysit... did little odd jobs... asked by a gentleman in our church (who is caterering at a wedding) to help for a few hours.

God has been graciously providing me with all the money I will need for the school bill!!

Recently I had a conversation with a college freshman. We were discussing the financial challeneges of the economy, and how it affected going to school. The conclusion: God uses the college years to build your faith. No doubt about that!!


So, school starts for me August 20th


Justin is returning for school too, so I will get to see him more often!!

God bless,


Paulina said...

I have a question, are the college classes you're taking online? I ask you this because I'd love to take some Bible courses online.

~Rebecca~ said...

This is a night college through my church.

Thanks for the question!

God Bless,