Sunday, August 23, 2009

Family Event

We went to a restaurant just the other day to celebrate Brandon's High school Graduation... It was pouring rain outside the whole time!!! A rather big T-storm at that!!

In this pic Jeremiah is being, well... Jeremiah? Katey was smiling, right until I took this pic...still, quite interesting!!

Mom and Brandon waiting for the food!!

Yes Jeremiah, The food is coming, soon! What a character!!!!

The candle, seasoning, the bread dipping dish.
The dip was Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar... Justin's always telling me to try new things, so, I decided I would try it...

Jeremiah in B&W. (The food must have arrived, look at that smile?!)

My Little Brother Caleb. I'm his "Bestest Buddy" I was 15 when he was born.

When we returned home Mom and Dad presented Brandon with his Diploma... and a gift of $100. This pic is his first initial reaction.

The Graduate!

Dad, the "Principal"

I love you Dad! You are an awesome "Principal".


We had Icecream after, and well, some little peoples got it all over there faces...
Now, I do not know WHY Katey is making that face!!!

That is quite the face... must be cuz the Ice Cream was all gone, what devastation!

God Bless,

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