Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Five Months

Tomorrow marks the fifth month of Courtship for Justin and I.
It has been an amazing, faith-building, and memorable five months. We have enjoyed many phone calls, and miraculous get-togethers. I've learned what a treasure my sweetheart is over the summer, and to continually be in thanksgiving to God for Justin. Circumstances and events have re-enforced our friendship and our courtship over and over. My dad's job loss, and other events have caused me to just rely on God... and I have found great encouragement from Justin through it all.

Because of Justin I am learning (slowly but surely) to gain the victory over my worrying nature. To simply trust God. Reading devotions together or over the phone have been priceless, as well as all the times we have prayed together. I have learned alot about Justin through his prayers.

God is Amazing. Even with the trials of the summer, I still am so blessed!!

I am very excited about what these next five months will bring!!

May you have a great day too!

God Bless,


George said...

You are an encouragement!

God's Been Good said...

That is so great that ya'll have been courting for 5 months! It is also a blessing to be apart of a relationship that brings you closer to the Lord! That is a real blessing!


Courtney, Jer.33:3 said...

Congrats! :)I know you're enjoying every minute of it!

COncerning the Q you left on my blog the other day ( Yes, I'm just now answering *blush* ).....I really didn't do anything special when I told Christopher about our baby. I just told him and he was like, "REALLY?" :)