Monday, August 3, 2009

Music Camp

The College at our church recently had their annual Music Camp. My Brother Collin attended this year.
On Friday they had a concert and my whole family went. It was a wonderful time!

The Camp Choir preparing to stand on the risers.

My Aunt Sandra and my Cousin Sarah!

Collin is the guy in the white shirt in the back row.

My Cousin Elisabeth is wearing a blue shirt

Poor Collin, there was only one other boy that went!!

"Think on Me", by Mary Queen of Scotts.
Mary Stewart (also called Mary Queen of Scotts) wrote this song right before her execution in the 1500s. It is truly a sad song.

The Lyrics to this part are...

"When thou hast none to cheer thee, think on me.
When no fond heart is near thee, think on me.
When lonely sighing o’er pleasure flying,
When hope is dying, think on me.
Think, oh think on me.
Think, think on me"

The Camp Choir Pianist and also our Church's new Choir Director, Mr. W.

This is "Sakura" ("Cherry Blossom") A Japanese Folk Song. The choir sang in Japanese!! It was soooo pretty!!

My Sister "patiently" waiting for the next performance!

A young girl playing "Jesus Loves Me" on the Oboe


Collin and Elisabeth singing in a special.

Lisbeth did a great job!

"Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing"

Another young lady singing an hymn.

While Katey pays such "close attention",

Katey likes her way of sitting in chairs!

This young lady had a very nice voice!

She is one of my special younger friends!

Again, Katey is soo enthralled...

A few more Music Moments

These three sounded really good together, their voices blended and harmonized beautifully!

Our former Church's Choir Director. He is currently on deputation to start a church in New England.

The College's Vice President giving a closing prayer.

Katelyn spoiling her cousin!

AWWWW! Lisbeth is sooo special!

Now we are spoiling cousin Sarah!!!!

Lovely smiles!

Sweet Sibling hugs!!!!
Collin sure loves his little sister!

God Bless,

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