Tuesday, September 1, 2009


The night college is in it's third week and going very well! I already have a test next week in Bible Doctrines (aka Systematic Theology)! I got a 90 on my first quiz though!
Christian woman's ministries is going very well! I really enjoy this class in particular, the woman who is teaching it was married to a church-planter for 30+ years till he died of cancer. She is still faithfully serving the Lord, and is a great blessing to me. I am learning not only what a woman can do for God, but what she needs to do to care for her husband too!

Justin started college again last week, he is starting his Junior year!!
I personally am very happy he is back, I really enjoy going to church and seeing him!

My Mom started school last week,
(we homeschool... love it!!)
And My mom's got everything on a nice "tight" schedule!!
I don't mind schedules too much... and I know that they are important... but I'm not best friends with them.... :)

I think of this "I Love Lucy" episode every time mom gets the schedule up and running!

God Bless,

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George said...

Thanks Becca! That was so funny!