Sunday, September 27, 2009

Down by the Sea

We went to Mystic Seaport for a family trip!
Enjoy the pics!

What a good big brother!

This place is really big!

Following Daddy

The Amistad.

Q: how does one stop a bike like this?
A: Very Carefully

A Front Piece

A boat-wanna-be.... :)


The Sabino (in the back)

The Littles in front of the Amistad

The Littles and I.

Random photographic creativity.

Where to next?

Rowboats up close

My parents!!! :)

Jeremiah atop a 600 year old tree.

Anchors away with me!

The Charles W. Morgan.... last surviving wooden Whaling ship.
The Morgan sailed for 80yrs- 37 voyages, up to three years per voyage.

It will take 3 years and 8 million $$ to restore the Morgan.

Come aboard the Morgan... just climb 4 flights of stairs!!!

Now I'm scared of heights, but as you can see, I am aboard the Morgan... how was this done???
My Curiositiy, love of history and photo-itch won out.

Behind the littles is a huge oven thing... for boiling down whale blubber.

Daddy and his princess

One of the Morgan's whaling boats.

Detail of the boat.

Morgan behind me,

The Mina

Looking at the map!

Stephie and Jeremiah,

Matt and Stephie

Collin and Jeremiah

Mom and Dad

In the schoolhouse...

A church...

A home...

Mom and I in front of a house...

A rather adorable pic of me little sis- the "Katty Kat"

So cute!




Queen of the sea

Highly impressive figure heads
(the front piece on a ship)
These are HUGE!!!!

More figure heads

Another church (notice the figure head?)


the Main Mast

Nice bunks...

Collin rowing in the dirt...

Aboard a navy vessel...

Antique compasses and Matt!



A very lovely horse

Another ship...

Aboard same ship

Miah Dad and Katty Kat!

Brandon, Mom and Collin.

A Fore mast

Look how much decorative scroll work!

We ended our day with a trip to the Treworgy Planetarium. We watched a 30minute show and learned to locate several stars and Jupiter!!

Then we headed back home!

We had a great time, and hope to go back sometime again!!
God Bless,

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TABB's MOMMA said...

That looks like a fun place to visit, Rebecca! Thanks for sharing the pics!