Saturday, September 12, 2009

Meet Me at the Fair

On Labor day The Muzyka's came early in the Morning and picked me up at my house; Jessica and her friend Jen were in the van as well. We headed over to my church's college and after a VERY LONG WAIT... :) ... Justin finally came out along with two college guys, Nathan and Mark. Then we headed off to go to a fair!!

We had a fun time!! Enjoy the pics!

The guys checking out some woodwork,

Still checking out the woodwork!

ahh, these are neat Wood items...
Jessica and the Muzyka's friend Jen.

Best of Show wood carving...

Best of Show for Photography contest. Really amazing pic!

Some cute birdhouses...

Soap stone mugs, pots, and more.
I would hate to drop one of those!

The Guys checking out "Marshmallow guns".

Justin and the Bee/Honey exhibitor, Justin bought some HoneyStix...

Justin, Nathan and Mark with their HoneyStix...

and Jen, Jessica and I with our HoneyStix!

hmmm... The guys are looking over the Lego exhibits and avoiding the lens!!!

This was in the produce section I wondered what on earth it was...

Self -explanatory category!

I took this pic for my Dad... He loves tractors and plows and stuff.

If you can't tell, we were rather hungry!! Everyone shared a tasty veggie platter.
Till it was all gone, then we headed to the...

Chicken exhibits... This guy was huge!!

Look at those feathers!!

This one crowed quite a bit!

This Hen was so cooperative for her "photo shoot!"

"Chicken Little!"

Look at the colors on this one!

Justin talking to Mark, trying to convince him of something by the looks of it!

Look at the adds! Fried Oreos??? Fried Cheese? And the real climax... FRIED PBJ???
AY yi yi yi!

This was my first time ever having funnel cake!! MmMm Good!

The guys discussing the glory of the funnel cake!!

The hissing cockroaches!!
Here I will tell a story... at this same exhibit there was an American Kestrel on display, (no pic cuz lighting was too dark) anyways Mr. P (the exhibitor) was telling us that the Kestrel will hover over the ground till it sees a grasshopper, once it catches the grasshopper the Kestrel then presents it to a female, if she accepts it they become mates for life. Someone piped up ( I think it was Jessica), "Hey Justin, you gonna give Becca a grasshopper?"


Needless to say, that was very funny, and even Mr. P was laughing!! At the retelling of this tale my Dad was cracking up too!!

A booth was selling name plaques, I found mine! (I didn't buy it, but thought it was very interesting)

Someone thought that this was a cat!! This is actually an angora rabbit. And yes, the fur is usable, like sheep's wool.

What a comforting sign to see in the Rabbit's exhibit!!!!!
But, I own a rabbit and I know they bite in general... but ay yi yi!

An angora rabbit.

I thought this gentleman and his son looked so nice, I snapped a pic!

Some merchandise made from Sheep's wool.

A sheep contest.

The Oxen for the weight pulling contest.

Pigs are only cute when they are little in my personal opinion.

Yup, they are cute, those little piglets!

Cleanest pig pen I ever did see!

Who can resist a good old back scratch?? Mr. Muzyka had quite the gathering!!

The goats!!

Miss Nanny Goat is eyeing that gate latch a little bit too much, don't you think?

Mark's wondering who could possibly fit into that stage coach...

A mare draft horse and her foal.

This will make you laugh!!

Harnesses for the draft horses

Decorative and purposeful.

Justin and I! Unfortunately this pic is dark, but we are standing in front of a covered wagon...without the cover. :)

Looking at this pic, still remember what it smelled like!!

Mommy& Baby ready to call it a day and get some rest...

As we leave the fair don't forget....

God Bless!

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