Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Photo Shoot Moments

Now that you have enjoyed all those "loverly" photos from the above post , check out Behind the scenes!! Thankyou to Collin and Stephanie for being our photographers! All the photos were taken in my family's backyard.

We watched Music Man before the "photo shoot"

Apparently Justin is trying to convince me of something.

hmmmm... where to next?

Justin running

That is such a "please????"
(those chains are from the swing set!)

Was he trying to convince me of something???

If only I had smiled, this would have been a nice one!!!!!

Contemplations of Justin.
Me smiling too late...

This one is really neat, Justin said it should be on a caption contest....
You got a caption??? Comment and tell me!

Waiting for Collin.... again!

I do want to thank him for taking the photos, he did take some very nice ones, as did Stpehanie!

Trying to tell Stephanie to please move out of the way of the camera

Waiting on Collin to tell us he is ready! That or Justin is leading the Ant choir
(waving his stick...)

Me Trying to figure out why Stephie is putting a branch on my head...

Collin giving us more complex instructions...
Justin is like, "What?"
I'm like, "Whatever,"

Collin had just dumped some leaves on Justin at this point!

The End of Photo shoot!

God Bless,


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a very interesting photo shoot. :) I enjoyed the behind the scenes pictures too! :)

George said...

I loved how you said Justin was leading the ant choir! :)