Sunday, September 6, 2009

Secret Trip

We were going to go to a fair this past weekend, but we sorta got rained out...
So Mom and Dad loaded us into our big green Maxi van, and we were off to a "Secret Somewhere"

We saw Sky Scrapers!!!

And we saw our State Capital along the way...

The "secret Somewhere" was Cabela's!

So we headed in!! I wondered what it was like in there.

Dad pushing the stroller!

I had never been to Cabela's before~ WOW!!
It is like a free museum! There were tons of Dioramas and exhibits! The place was stunning! There is a "mountain" right in the middle of the building!

Fishing for a bargain!

Matt is totally oblivious that he is supposed to smile for the camera!! This section was actually a mini museum for real.

Bonjour Canadian Moose!

White tail Doe

Look at Stephie's face!!! HAHA! Sooo cute!
Mom, Jeremiah, Matthew and Stephanie

My brother and I,

"Shall we dance?"

Matt's impersonation of a fish...

The ONLY reason I'm posting this is so I can declare...
"I hate Geico's advertising!!!" I mean it is sooo lame!

Wow, I feel so much better now!!

Way too many caption possibilities...
"A Collin-kabob"

"Now I see your point"
"Freshly-speared Collin"
"And this is what happened when my bother and I went out fishing for swordfish...(I had them both mounted in memory of him,) I told him not to lean so close to the rail!!"

Collin and Brandon trying on the sunglasses...

As did Daddy,



And me!!

My little siblings trying the shooting safari game.

Collin trying his hand at the shooting gallery...

Isn't this pathetic? A tent for adults... and my 3 yr old sister just barely fits!!
Tenting is really roughing it... what's wrong with a nice cabin/ camper/RV??????

Apparently my darling brother is an "Exclusive" $99.99...

Boys... gotta try all the hammocks.

"Lulla-bye and goodnight, go to sleep little Collin...."
How would you like to sleep in that in the middle of no-where????
Tents don't seem so bad to me anymore!!!

Hey hey!! an In-closed "porch"... wow, this tent is nice an big and roomy!!!
hmmm... ok, tenting seems a bit better now...

:) course it had a nice "big" price too!!


At first Jeremiah thought that this was a pair of binoculars....

But upon closer inspection...

These are Flashlights??????
We had a great laugh over this!!!!!!!!

More of the Mountain exhibit.

Ok, before going to Cabela's, I never realized how BIG a moose can get!!!!!! WOW!

On the Mountain exhibit a wolf pack hunting an elk... if you know me you know that I really like wolves!!

The creature to the right is similar to a Thomson's gazelle, a beautiful little creature!!

Check out the air plane!!

Taking a break before moving on...

A Bull Elephant in the African diorama.

a Zebra being "hunted" by a rather young male lion.

Different types of antelope/deer/impalas/gazelles etc. etc. etc.

And then we headed back home, it was a fun day!! Thanks Mom and Dad!!
God Bless,


Katie said...

We have a Cabela's about 45 minutes from our house. I love to go there!!

God's Been Good said...

That is so neat! Looks like ya'll had fun!