Thursday, September 17, 2009


On most Sunday afternoons Justin will come over to visit for the day and have lunch with us. I always look forward to these times, and I thought you might like to see a little of what we did this past Sunday!

This is me peeking the lens around the corner, Katelyn (AKA the Katty-Kat) laid claim to Justin while I did the lunch dishes.

She insisted that they use Purple Crayons... this girl is obsessed with Purple!!!

Katty-Kat explains about her new "smiler"

The Katty-Kat's smile.

Hard at work on a fresh page!

Katty-Kat and Justin.

Justin says that it should be a crime for 3yr olds to be so cute!!

Hey look! I finally got him back! We ate some scrumptious homemade cookies made by my Mom, dipped in milk!
We were reading the comics...

I was not aware of his smile till I saw this picture!
What a smile!!!

God Bless,


Paulina said...

How cute! I truly enjoy reading about your courtship :)

God's Been Good said...

I love reading your courtship, too! Such a blessing!