Thursday, October 8, 2009

Celebrate Fall!

Taking a break here from the modesty posts!
School is going very well! I have midterms by the end of October!
(ahhhhh! the semester is almost halfway done!!!)
The two classes, Bible Doctrines (aka Systematic Theology) and Christian Woman's ministries are so good! Both are not only a blessing but an encouragement too!

I will be posting more about my Bible Doctrines class after I finish up the modesty posts... only a couple left!

The weather here in New England has been VERY interesting and unusual! Windy, windy windy! A visiting man at our church joked about the weather... Pastor Townlsey asked, "do you need anything?" the man replied, "Yes, can you turn the wind down?"
It was very funny! But besides the wind it started POURING one morning only to let the sun burst through the clouds in brilliant splendor the rest of the day!


Moments later!

Justin is doing very well, school and work have been keeping him very busy! He can't wait till after midterms because then things will ease up a little at the College! After school I went to pick up my note he leaves for me at the church (we leave notes on campus... I go to school at night while he goes during the day and works at night; we do not see each other except at church and if he comes for lunch on Sundays)
It was so long and sweet!
I left my note for him... and a surprise! Justin loves my homemade Hot cocoa mix, so I packaged up a bit and left it with the note! :)

This Monday our church is holding it's first annual Youth Fest! Lord-willing I will be able to go and maybe get some pics of the event!! What is youth fest?
I don't rightly know!! But I'm aiming to find out!!

So, till my next post,

God bless!



George said...

I miss some of those pretty fall colors! Where I am they haven't all turned yet and I don't think the colors are as brilliant. :)

Paulina said...

I'm so glad school is going well for you! I would have liked to attend a Bible college but there aren't any near me!

And what a sweet idea the note passing is!

~Rebecca~ said...

Oh Haley! I'll have to mail some leaves to you!!

Paulina, the notes are my favorite thing we do in our courtship!!