Friday, October 30, 2009

How I Cheered Up

I have gotten wonderful responses to the
"Cheer Up!" post!
So, here is more of why I was "Glum" and what happened after I wrote that post!

These past three weeks had been difficult for me. I was struggling with surrendering things to God, and when I finally did... boy Did I get blessed!

You see, Justin has recently decided to return to his home church every Sunday to teach the youth Sunday school class, since that has been our only time to see each other... well I didn't exactly like this new plan! (we would see each other every other week tho).

I was (and still am) very proud of him teaching that class... but I wanted time with him. For three weeks I struggled with it, I want Justin to do what God has called him to do, but I want to see him!

Finally on Monday I told Justin how "miserable" I was, and he gently showed me how my attitude could be better, and then encouraged me to "keep going forward" the next day I surrendered the problem to God, "Lord, I want to stop feeling sorry for myself, please help me cheer up!" I wrote the previous post to remind myself of all that God has done for me! By the end of the day I wasn't so miserable anymore, and was actually back to being my old cheery self... and guess what God did?!

He arranged a "date" for Justin and I at the college campus during their regular dinner hour. (I was going to class, Justin was off of work, so I went early and he bought Subway.)
Sure we ate in the cafeteria, (the other students actually didn't tease us too bad) but I could care less! It was a very nice time, after class Justin came over to the house to visit me and my family.

God is good, and I wish I had surrendered to Him many weeks ago, but I am glad that I did now!

Anything God has done for you lately?


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