Thursday, October 22, 2009

Youth Fest

Youth Fest went Great!!
800 kids were in attendance, 25 were saved during the preaching sessions!

My booth was "Ski Ball"

Greeting visitors is Pastor Brown, why is he dressed as "the Riddler?" well, excellent question!

This is just a teeny tiny part of 800 people that came. By the way, this was at 8:00 am! It was freezing cold, but the sunny sun was out!

Info booth. The grounds were covered in frost, the sun was making the frost melt, making everything very wet. My leather shoes were having a field day pretending to be sponges!!

My Justin, and my brother Collin. Justin ran a slingshot booth. Collin here is testing it out.

Justin's cousin Leah trying her hand at the game. I tried it a few times, knocked a few balls down. I say begginer's luck. Justin says, "I beg to differ,"

Our faithful "Proffessor of the culinary arts" (Mr. D) at my church is telling my cousin, Sarah, that he is cold! Mr. D and company ran the concession stand. Hats off to them for making enough sandwiches for 800 people!

Justin's Dad, Mr. Muzyka, ran "Ballon Blast" Very popular!

Justin's friend Max, ( at least I think it's Max) won.

Still early in the morning, but already many people!

I got to hear "POP... POP... POP... POP!" all day long!

Justin's sister Jessica. is the one with the bright pink balloon, Leah is in the green shirt.

Justin's cousin Jesse and his wife Liz (lady in the green cap) are right in front of this pic

This was during one of the chapels. The young Lady sitting with her legs crossed is Meg. Please pray for her, she was slightly interested in the gospel but didn't want to talk about it.

800 teens in one gymnasium! many hearing the gospel for the first time!


This man got the teen's attention with some games and songs, then got them quite for the preaching.

Back to the grand out doors! Mr. Muzyka, my brother Brandon, Jesse and his brother Jo face off! Jo won!

Amy, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. A, Pastor Brown and Mrs. Sarah M.

Pastor Brown and his wife walked around with a bucket of candy. Answer a question, get a candy!

Pastor Brown playing Mrs. Muzyka's game.

Jen, and I.

This boy must have played my game 10 times!

He was determined to win!

It was pretty funny!

Mrs. Muzyka and Leah.

Liz ran a golfing game.

Justin's friedn Paul, is extremely good at juggling.

Bruce ran a water rockets game! (yup, another friend of Justin's)

Miss Liz M. and Frisbee hoops

Miss Christna K. and rubber band shoot out.

Pastor Townsley's wife and Mrs. P with Pop Bottle bowling.

Mrs. T and pop bottle ring toss

Mrs. Jackie and literal "Basket" ball.

She was my 7&8th grade Sunday school teacher!

Rob and other guys running balloon dart.

Slingshot with Mr... hey, that's Justin! :)

The rock climbing wall!

The race way!

Mikey, another Cousin of Justin's and Trevor, and I do not know if Trevor is related to the Muzykas...

This is Box Hockey!

I got to see a young Lady that I'm good friends with, Ashley E. She is a youth Pastor's wife. We went to college together.

Justin playing his Mom's game, pop bottle fishing.

The trick was to twist the string tight onto the bamboo rod!

"Knock and it shall be opened unto you"

Pastor Skelley delivered some very good preaching and a clear, strong, and point blank Gospel message.

Awesome Preaching!

Hundreds of teens bowning their heads during the invitation. Someone figured out that at least 200 kids had never heard the gospel before that day.

The Muzyka's find a place to sit!

An air plane flew over head dropping goodies!

A mad dash! each goody was worth a free concession item

A little girl playing ring toss

Mrs. Muzyka

The dunk tank. hee hee hee!

Our Choir director helping to make funnel cakes.

The water gallows

The water dumps on the victim!

"Honey, please get my towel"

I was ecstatic to meet Michelle from By His Grace and For His Glory!

Ski ball, with me!

Cousin Sarah

My Cousin Sarah and Mr. Muzyka

Myself and cuz Elizabeth.

Pastor Brown playing my game!

He didn't win, but I was glad to have him play!

My cousin Sarah in the grey shirt.

Inquiring reporter! My Cousin Elisabeth is in the khaki skirt

Another victim. Poor Tom.

Here she goes...

HAHA!! Tom got all wet!

A bit closer zoom-in... poor Tom. Awesome shot!!

Her arms are still up! And Tom's all wet!

What a trooper, he was in there for 45 minutes, and it was REALLY COLD!!

The Academy's Principle running the pit stop game.

Bruce's water rockets

Mrs. E (light blue coat) decided to show up for "youth" Fest!
It was awesome having her there!

The strong man hammer thingee.

Rock climbing wall

Justin again!

A crowd watching Bob Holmes play Volleyball

This is Bob Holmes, the Famous One Man Volley Ball team!!!
He played against 11 teams during the Youth Fest!

Getting ready to serve...

Watch Bob Holmes final play of the day

Visit Mr. Holmes Here

Time to take it all down!

These tents weigh 1,000 lbs each!

The guys lifted and we girls pulled out the posts.

Boy were they heavy!

And Lift!

After they set the top down, they were able to take the rest apart.

Jared and Mr. Scott put the go-karts away. Yeah, I put one "away" like they did!

Rolling up the tent canvas

JD, Paul, Mark and Justin.

Discussing if Paul could juggle those stakes...

It's Bruce! With a very heavy tent pole. Great pic too

At one point my cousin Elisabeth and I wondered if the guys were showing off for us ladies. Lizzie and I helped too, but one guy, Tom, told us, "Don't carry too much girls, we will take care of it!"

Wow, what took a whole week to set up took about 4 hours to take down and load up!

Taking down the game booths
Justin looking for a tool.

Bruce again.

JD and Matt

My Aunt Sandra and Uncle Roger

Tom, that's cheating!!

Well, yeah the others are standing around chatting...

Putting it all in the trucks.
I had to run off to my college class.
After 12 hours on campus, I was tired!!

God Bless,



George said...

Those are some great pictures! What a wonderful time you all must have had! Praise the Lord so many heard of Him.

Brooke said...

Sounds like y'all had fun! I love their shirts, "I survived youth fest." SO funny!