Sunday, November 29, 2009

Prayer Request

Hello everyone!

I would like to ask if you all would pray for Justin. He has had a very bad cough for weeks.
The coughing has been giving him headaches, which is not good since finals are coming up at school and he needs to be able to focus. He is worried that he has strep throat.

Also please pray for his family, his father and sister had the H1N1 flu a few weeks back, both a well now, but have a lingering cough.

Thankyou all so much! We both greatly appreciate your prayers!

God Bless,

Saturday, November 28, 2009


This little guy was a whim.
I was anxious to use my new art set and was kinda bored on the afternoon of New Years Eve of last year so.....
I sat down with a book about birds and turned to the Titmouse, and began to sketch him for fun
By the time I was adding the colors I was in a state of absolute excitement!
"How did I do that??????"

I can draw, sorta... but I've never had lessons. Still it was a shock that I was able to sketch this little guy!

So, I thought, "well maybe it is one of those spur of the moment things,"

So, for "Haha's" I tried again, and was very pleased with the result!
I used to have pet birds and I loved them, so it was fun for me to draw a bird.
I like this one because he is just "in the moment" of hanging from the branch right before he would fly off.

This eagle sketch didn't get very far. He was challenging! I gave this rough sketch to Justin.
This was my third one

This was my fourth attempt, this poor little goldfinch is well fed I guess, he is a little plump!
The body came out great, but his legs! Ahh! I don't know what happened!

Number five!! A great blue jay, legs are fine, but his wings are sorta, well... too small! The head came out really great though! After this one I stopped drawing for months, then Justin started encouraging me to draw some more...

So this was what I drew and was sorta disappointed by it. Justin told me, "Don't give up!!"
"Ok Dear..." I said. I tried again

Hmmmm, not bad...
So my drawing was back on track!!

This one I did for Justin for our 6 month's anniversary of courting. An American Kestrel, his favorite bird.

This is an Indigo Bunting... and no i haven't finished it yet, but I thought you would like to see the early stages... :) I start with the Bird's forehead and draw his head, beak and eye before enything else.

My most recent... a Bohemian Wax wing. These are not native to new England, but I have seen the Cedar Waxwing few times.

And now Collin has tried his hand at birds too!

His Arctic Tern, this was a 3rd time for him!!

His first one came out good, but rough. So I sat down with him and gave him some pointers, and I think now he is even better then I am! He did a beautiful Arctic Tern. And just last week he drew a peregrine falcon! (pics coming soon!)

He has a hard time drawing the eyes, for me I can never seem to get the legs right! Always look too small! Sooo annoying!

I never had art lessons, so I am surprised I can draw like this! My Mom laughs... "What, do I have all bird artists for children?" the little ones are drawing birds! We insist that it is because we had 2 parakeets for 8 years, and we really "studied" them!! LOL!

God bless,

Friday, November 27, 2009

Not for Sale

I made this recently, I hope you all enjoy!

God bless,

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

My little sisters are dressed up for the holiday!! Don't they look so cute??

I have much to be thankful for... My family, my church, my pastor, my friends!
And of course Justin too! I'm also thankful for his family!

I am very thankful that Christ saved me, and that unlike some people, I know Who I'm thankful too!

I'll be Thanksgiving and Thanksliving!

God bless all my dear bloggy-friends, I'm thankful for all of you too!


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

With a Little Magic...

With a little Magic, (and a real good digital scrapbooking program,) amazing adventures are born!

I did this a year ago...found it today while sorting through picture files, thought you would all enjoy!!

Collin (16) was standing on our back stairway, I liked his pose...and the stick looked like a pistol, and my imagination went from there!

The ship is composed of parts of pics of railings...hutches...a telephone pole... :)


God bless,

Friday, November 20, 2009

8 Months

It's been 8 months since Justin and I started Courting!!!!
They have been wonderful and exciting months!!
I still can hardly believe it, God is so good!

I recently did a Guest post at Katie Marie's Courtship blog. I love her courtship blog, it is encouraging to those who are courting, and to other young ladies and young men who are not yet courting.

I must say once more, I am so glad I gave God the Pen of my Love Story, and the Helm of the good ship, "Courtship"! :)

God Bless,

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Jeremiah's friend

Look, up in the sky! It's a bird, It's a plane, It's a frog!
It is a frog!?

Not bird, nor plane, but yes a frog, It's little old me...

Well, after watching episodes of "UnderDog" my little brother decided the world needed a new animal hero... "UnderFrog!"

I did this post all for Jeremiah! And I get a "Your the best Sister ever" too! :)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Autmumn Days

Just the other day I took my five younger siblings to play outside, I brought my camera along so you could come along too!

Kat showing us here lovely little flower she picked from my flower garden...
I didn't mind much, for there are all wilting now :(

Caleb, Jeremiah, and Katelyn,
Caleb has some flowers too!

This is me, pulling the wagon...

"That's what big sister's are for!!!!"
Yeah, pullin' a wagon around in circles to shouts of "FASTER!!!"

Jeremiah is planning something....


Don't you all just love fall?

Forget through the looking glass... this is through the little leaf!

Is this a smile or a grin?

Hello again.

Kat taking care of Dolly

Do you know what you get if you put a slide, a snowboard and pieces of a Fisher Price cozy coupe together?

You get a really cool car slide!!

What would we do without our imaginations?

Caleb decided to take care of those leaves...with a snow shovel.

Hey, we can never be too prepared to early!!

A green Maple leaf among yellow leaves, it is not afraid to be rather unusual!

Jeremiah and I making a shadow "M" for "Miah", his nickname

"M" is also for "Miah Man" the world's greatest Superhero!!
At least in my family!

Before it was time to head inside Katelyn hopped on her horse!
Here is something interesting, that horse is almost 19 years old, it was mine when I was only a year old!

My little co-photographer for this post, my brother Jeremiah Leopold!!

Jeremiah and I 9 years ago!

Well, thanks for stopping by! Enjoy your day!

God bless,

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Blankees and Thumbs

Katelyn is Sweet in Sepia,

Doesn't that great big pillow look absolutely wonderful?
My Mom bought it for .50 cents at a tag sale!

My little buddy, Caleb Andrew!

Uh, Caleb? Nice sitting position...
Head on arm rest, middle on stool, feet on cabinet! Ummm, there is a whole couch right next to you!!


All the kids sit on the stool that way, I can't imagine it is very comfortable! (???)
These two are partners in crime, and both rather adorable too!

God Bless,

Thursday, November 12, 2009

I'm Daddy's Little Helper

I'm Daddy's Little Helper,
and his princess too,
Someday I'll learn to do big things,
But for know, can I help YOU?

I'm Daddy's little Helper,
The one he can't do without,
Who else can pick up nails and screws,
That on the floor roll about?

I'm Daddy's Little Helper,
I can hold the flashlight too,
Or maybe Daddy needs a rag?
I'll quickly bring him two!

I'm Daddy's Little Helper,
He's so big and strong!
And he works even better,
If I sing a nice, loud song.

I'm Daddy's Little Helper,
There's no one like my Dad,
He's the "bestest" ever,
I love to make him glad.

I'm Daddy's Little Helper,
And when the work is done,
I get to play with Dad,
He sure knows what is fun!

I'm Daddy's Little Helper,
And I love him too!
I'm so happy he's my Dad,
Cuz He's the "Bestest" too!!

When Kat wants someone to play with her
Who else but Daddy?

I love you too DAD!!

God bless,