Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Autmumn Days

Just the other day I took my five younger siblings to play outside, I brought my camera along so you could come along too!

Kat showing us here lovely little flower she picked from my flower garden...
I didn't mind much, for there are all wilting now :(

Caleb, Jeremiah, and Katelyn,
Caleb has some flowers too!

This is me, pulling the wagon...

"That's what big sister's are for!!!!"
Yeah, pullin' a wagon around in circles to shouts of "FASTER!!!"

Jeremiah is planning something....


Don't you all just love fall?

Forget through the looking glass... this is through the little leaf!

Is this a smile or a grin?

Hello again.

Kat taking care of Dolly

Do you know what you get if you put a slide, a snowboard and pieces of a Fisher Price cozy coupe together?

You get a really cool car slide!!

What would we do without our imaginations?

Caleb decided to take care of those leaves...with a snow shovel.

Hey, we can never be too prepared to early!!

A green Maple leaf among yellow leaves, it is not afraid to be rather unusual!

Jeremiah and I making a shadow "M" for "Miah", his nickname

"M" is also for "Miah Man" the world's greatest Superhero!!
At least in my family!

Before it was time to head inside Katelyn hopped on her horse!
Here is something interesting, that horse is almost 19 years old, it was mine when I was only a year old!

My little co-photographer for this post, my brother Jeremiah Leopold!!

Jeremiah and I 9 years ago!

Well, thanks for stopping by! Enjoy your day!

God bless,

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