Saturday, November 28, 2009


This little guy was a whim.
I was anxious to use my new art set and was kinda bored on the afternoon of New Years Eve of last year so.....
I sat down with a book about birds and turned to the Titmouse, and began to sketch him for fun
By the time I was adding the colors I was in a state of absolute excitement!
"How did I do that??????"

I can draw, sorta... but I've never had lessons. Still it was a shock that I was able to sketch this little guy!

So, I thought, "well maybe it is one of those spur of the moment things,"

So, for "Haha's" I tried again, and was very pleased with the result!
I used to have pet birds and I loved them, so it was fun for me to draw a bird.
I like this one because he is just "in the moment" of hanging from the branch right before he would fly off.

This eagle sketch didn't get very far. He was challenging! I gave this rough sketch to Justin.
This was my third one

This was my fourth attempt, this poor little goldfinch is well fed I guess, he is a little plump!
The body came out great, but his legs! Ahh! I don't know what happened!

Number five!! A great blue jay, legs are fine, but his wings are sorta, well... too small! The head came out really great though! After this one I stopped drawing for months, then Justin started encouraging me to draw some more...

So this was what I drew and was sorta disappointed by it. Justin told me, "Don't give up!!"
"Ok Dear..." I said. I tried again

Hmmmm, not bad...
So my drawing was back on track!!

This one I did for Justin for our 6 month's anniversary of courting. An American Kestrel, his favorite bird.

This is an Indigo Bunting... and no i haven't finished it yet, but I thought you would like to see the early stages... :) I start with the Bird's forehead and draw his head, beak and eye before enything else.

My most recent... a Bohemian Wax wing. These are not native to new England, but I have seen the Cedar Waxwing few times.

And now Collin has tried his hand at birds too!

His Arctic Tern, this was a 3rd time for him!!

His first one came out good, but rough. So I sat down with him and gave him some pointers, and I think now he is even better then I am! He did a beautiful Arctic Tern. And just last week he drew a peregrine falcon! (pics coming soon!)

He has a hard time drawing the eyes, for me I can never seem to get the legs right! Always look too small! Sooo annoying!

I never had art lessons, so I am surprised I can draw like this! My Mom laughs... "What, do I have all bird artists for children?" the little ones are drawing birds! We insist that it is because we had 2 parakeets for 8 years, and we really "studied" them!! LOL!

God bless,

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TABB's MOMMA said...

Ahhhh those are nice, Rebecca!!! How about a 'robin'?? (smiling) Aimée and I took some painting lessons one year. We had a lot of fun, but we are not overly artistic that way. But we do appreciate it when others are!