Saturday, November 14, 2009

Blankees and Thumbs

Katelyn is Sweet in Sepia,

Doesn't that great big pillow look absolutely wonderful?
My Mom bought it for .50 cents at a tag sale!

My little buddy, Caleb Andrew!

Uh, Caleb? Nice sitting position...
Head on arm rest, middle on stool, feet on cabinet! Ummm, there is a whole couch right next to you!!


All the kids sit on the stool that way, I can't imagine it is very comfortable! (???)
These two are partners in crime, and both rather adorable too!

God Bless,


A Godly Girl in an Ungodly World said...

They are so cute!..:)

Anonymous said...

They are too cute! What great pictures. lol, I have some little cousins who find rather unusual seating positions...its always quite interesting. :)