Sunday, November 29, 2009

Prayer Request

Hello everyone!

I would like to ask if you all would pray for Justin. He has had a very bad cough for weeks.
The coughing has been giving him headaches, which is not good since finals are coming up at school and he needs to be able to focus. He is worried that he has strep throat.

Also please pray for his family, his father and sister had the H1N1 flu a few weeks back, both a well now, but have a lingering cough.

Thankyou all so much! We both greatly appreciate your prayers!

God Bless,


Rachel M. said...

Oh, I pray that Justin feels better soon from his cough, Rebecca.

Thank You Father for being our Great Physician and never leaving our side. Father, we lift up Justin to You, asking that You will heal him from this cough. Thank You Father for Your incredible joy and peace. Praise You forevermore! In His most powerful and healing Name we ask these things, knowing You hear our every cry, AMEN

Love and blessings,

Marshmellow said...

Seriously - He needs to go to the doctor. Could be strep. Could be pneumonia. Could be flu. Might just be allergies. But, it would be best to know; to get a diagnosis and a script for antibiotics...Seriously.

Miss Emily said...

I'm definietly praying! Oh and I had no clue how else to get in touch with you so I suppose I'm going to use this comment! I took a quote from one of your posts and used it on my blog, here's the link,
Thank you so much for being such an encouragement!

God bless!

Emily <3

TABB's MOMMA said...

We will pray! I took a 'flucation' for 3 weeks, it was NO FUN at all!


HIS daughter said...

Oh I am praying so very hard for him to get over this cough and for his family to get over theirs too...
Blessings :)