Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tea Party With Miss Katty-Kat

Having a Tea Party with my littlest sister is quite interesting.

We turned over a laundry basket and covered it with a blankee, transforming it into a delicate tea table, with a lace table cloth! ;) or so we imagined!

Katelyn, aka "Katty Kat" preparing our tea and cakes...

Our "tea and cakes"... were actually plastic pizza and pickles!!

With a bagel for "pudding" and she actual had a plastic fudge...with pink walnuts?

Now Kat, that is not a very lady-like expression!!
Oh, the tea is sour, she squeezed in way too much lemonade!!
Lemonade?? Oh dearie me...

Kat closely examines the plastic bagel, while I examine a french a hot dog bun.

Would you care for some tea Miss Katelyn?

I made this one...with honey!!

All in all, I enjoyed playing with my little sister!!

God Bless,

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Katie said...

Oh, thats so sweet! I often wish I had a little sister...I don't think my 17 year old brother would go for a tea party! lol