Tuesday, November 24, 2009

With a Little Magic...

With a little Magic, (and a real good digital scrapbooking program,) amazing adventures are born!

I did this a year ago...found it today while sorting through picture files, thought you would all enjoy!!

Collin (16) was standing on our back stairway, I liked his pose...and the stick looked like a pistol, and my imagination went from there!

The ship is composed of parts of pics of railings...hutches...a telephone pole... :)


God bless,


George said...

That looks so cool!

Brooke said...

That's pretty cool!! :) I awarded you on my blog!!

AJ said...

that's incredible!! i really need to get my hands on that program!!

~Rebecca~ said...

I used "Arcsoft Collage Creator", it came with our computer. and enhancement can be done on Picnik.com

Thanks for the comments!!