Thursday, December 3, 2009


I've been awarded again, twice!
Thanks Brooke and Katie Marie!

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Here are the ten things:

1. I have a pet rabbit, A black Satin male, 5 yrs old about 10 pounds...favorite food is raisins! name is Pippin...

2. I am allergic to makeup! Yeah!
Wore it one time and 2 days later, fever and a bad rash on my face. Soooo....never tried again. Doesn't bother me at all that I can't wear it. "Someone" has the opinion that I don't need it anyways... He is sooo sweet! :)

3. I don't drive. Tried a few times, scared to death of driving! EVERYONE tells me I need to learn...I will...someday... maybe... ;)

4. I love to draw! Birds, cartoony characters, animals- tried portraits of people. I used to be into drawing fantasy animals.

5. I have kept personal journals since I was 9. I love journals! ...I just love writing period!

6. I love history...alot. I have a box full of newspaper articles, letters, cards, photographs...anything that I could someday pull out and show my grand kids what life was like at the turn of the century!! (that sounds weird, but we are living at the turn of the century!)

7. I have another box :)
This one has 75+ letters from Justin! The exchange of letters is so amazing, I never expected this aspect of our courtship! It started by "accident"...but then again, with God there are no "accidents"!

8. Have you ever heard the quote... "Draw a Circle, not a heart around the one you love, for the heart can break, but a Circle goes on, Forever." ?
Well Justin and I started drawing (on our letters) the letter "u" with a circle around it, It meant, "I Love You" It wasn't until after 2 months of courtship that we said our first "I love you," although the "circle u" had been around for a while.
A digital version is "(u)".
:) This is a very unique part of our courtship, and one I am very proud of!

9. I start celebrating Christmas time on Thanksgiving week. I love Christmas "All I Want for Christmas is my Two Front Teeth!" :) I also love the traditional carols and sacred music.

10. I love Peanutbutter and Jelly Sandwiches!! YUM!!

I award:

Emily@ Do Not Conform

Katy@ 110% Surrendered

Mia @ Aspiring Homemaker

Kristina@ Kristina's Keepsakes

Courtney@ Courtney's Contemplations


J.H said...

wow 75 letters! (and not email)

Katie said...

Aw, I have a bunny too! : ) That is so sweet about the (u)!! : ) I really love that.

HIS daughter said...

Aww thank you girl :) This is the 2nd award I have gotten :)
I am off to write up the post :) Oh and I am going to email you I just haven't had a chance to sit down and write the long reply I want to BUT I HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN! lol :) Blessings! :)