Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day and a Surprise

Merry Christmas Everybody!
Enjoy the Pictures!!!

Our tree.

Me helping Katey unwrap a gift.

I received a lovely red sweater and a long flowing skirt from my parents!!

Jeremiah's favorite gift, a scooter!

Our little "Fairy" :)

Katty-Kat didn't want to wear her yours truly did!


Christmas at Grandpa and Grandma's house!

Caleb and I

So cooperative!!!!! LOL

The beautiful wooden Bird feeder Brandon gave Grandma

The Hug he got back!

Cousins Sarah and Elisabeth... with Katelyn!

Kat's new dress

Silver Bells...

M&M wii game! Who'd have thought?

The girls and Uncle Roger

All the Cousins!

Jingle Bells....

Interesting Smiles :)

All the girls! If you can not tell, Katey was pinching Stephie's neck, and dear little Stephie is still smiling while trying to stop our little sister!

Lis and I

Glittery ornaments are the best!

Sarah, Elisabeth and I!

The moment long awaited...Dessert!!!

So later on we headed back home... the little ones put on Pixar's "UP"( of our Christmas gifts! it is such a cute film!) We were all enjoying just "relaxing"...and cleaning up the house. :) Next thing I know the door bell rings, so I head over to peek at who was visiting and lo and behold Guess who came round the corner????


:) If you guessed Justin you are right!
The Muzyka's showed up as a surprise, a very wonderful and perfectly Christmassy surprise.

My "darling" little brother getting in the picture.

That's better. :)
Don't we make such a cute couple? :)

The Muzyka family gave me an Alton Brown cook book/ trivia book for Christmas! It is no secret that I love Alton Brown's cooking show "Good Eats"!!!!
It is the best cooking show ever, with wit and humor unmatched!!
So this gift was simply perfect!

It was a wonderful day!

God Bless,


A Godly Girl in an Ungodly World said...

Beautiful Rebecca!..:)It looks like you had an amazing Christmas~..<3

Busy Mommy said...

It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas Rebecca! Your blog is a wonderful inspiration. My almost 10, 19 and 20 yo dd's love following your courtship. They made me log on Christmas night to see if there was anything maybe shiny, gold and round for you :) But I think the camera and book were wonderful gifts!