Friday, December 18, 2009

A Christmas Moment

Putting up the Tree!!!!!

Stephie's favorite ornament.

Collin getting out the Tinsel.

Katelyn putting up the ornaments

Collin putting on the star.

Another favorite. :)

We love the ornaments!!!!

(I am NOT a Yankees fan, my brothers are)

Ain't that cute?

This Nativity set is over 20 years old!

Kat and Caleb love their big sis.
I love you both too!

Caleb and Stephie share a sweet moment.

Caleb, Stephie, and Matt
or aka

This would have been such a sweet pic, but Katey and Jeremiah had other ideas!!!

Smile Everyone!

Matt had a better idea!

My little sister.

Oh, we had donuts too, homemade!!!

Don' they look Delicious?
Guess what?
They were!!

God bless


jc said...

Those donuts do look really, really yummy!! Hope you have a good Christmas, and thanks for a good blog to read!!!


God's Been Good said...

Cute pictures! Very Christmassy!