Saturday, December 12, 2009

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

The NEBC Christmas Banquet 2009

As you all know, the Christmas Banquet of 08 is how Justin and I met.
We were both very excited about this year's banquet, marking 1 year since God gave us a beautiful Christmas gift by bring us together!

20 beautiful red roses from Justin!!!!!!!!

Justin then asked me to take a picture of him with his camera, and so I did...
then he came round and clicked the review button and clicked to the next picture which was this one....

...followed by...

I looked quizzically at him..."This is my camera??????"
"Yes, it is, that is your Christmas present!" he smiled back.
I had been needing a new camera, as my old one is showing wear...the shutter jams and is cracked is just one thing!
What a Sweet Sweetheart of mine!!!

My brand new camera and a Christmas surprise very well pulled off! I had no clue that "his camera" was actually his intended gift for me!

We accidentally sat at the faculty table...but Mrs. D assured us we were more then welcome!
Our meal was a delicious Ham, potatoes and pasta with veggies and white sauce lasagna.

The Men's quartet sang a Christmas Medley
Everyone listening intently.

A performance by the speech class...

An eight person dialogue of letters written during WWI...

"The Christmas Truce"
The true story of a Christmas celebration on no man's land between the English and German trenches.
Their performance was breathtaking!

Katelyn B. sang "O Holy Night"
God has blessed her with an amazing voice!

Pastor Townsley welcoming everyone, he has been my pastor for 18 years!!
I am so glad the God led my family to this church so long ago! It is exciting to part of a growing and vibrant ministry!

Justin set up this shot with my new camera, and I took the picture.

I love taking pictures!

ok, moving on,....

Justin also set up this shot.
I think my Honey caught my photo itch!!

The closest thing we had to a snow fall that night!

Pastor Bixler did an excellent devotional on Mary and Joseph, specifically on the faith of Joseph.

He also shared with us the story of how he met his wife, it was truly amazing!

Mrs. and Mr V.
Mr. V is the Greek teacher at the college

Justin is ever so sweet- he gave me his grab bag gift!

Becca, with Melissa&Rob

Tom telling us about his grab bag...a pillow. It came in a HUGE box!

The pastoral staff and guest speaker table

Yessie's "Bah Humbug" Santa hat that she got in the grab bag

Tom in the box that his grab bag came in.

Mark, one of Justin's buddies, just "loves" his new Blanket from the grab bag!

Trivia: See the young man in the purple tie? That's Ben.
I attended kindergarten and first grade at my church's private Christian school before my mom started Homeschooling us...anyway, Ben was one of my classmates! It is so neat to see Ben after all these years, and to see that he is serving the Lord! I haven't seen him since he was 10 years he is almost 21!

Dessert...tasty and picturesque!

Singing "Silent Night"

Mr. and Mrs. D singing along.

Justin took this pic with my new camera!

After closing prayer, time for fellowship!!
Doesn't Justin look great??

Mr. W, Aaron, Tim, and Alex chatting, Alex's sweetie is the young lady in the picture.

Mr. W, our Choir Director received a handmade boomerang from one of the college guys...along with a list of safety rules. If you click on the picture you can see it larger and read the rather hilarious and practical rules!

Holly and Alex

Rob and Melissa debating just where to stand for their picture!!

Patricia and I

Rebecca (me!), Genera, and Patricia

And now the pics you've all been awaiting for!!!

I can not thank the Lord enough for what He has done this past year, the Courtship, how He provided for my family when my father was laid off, how He gave me job after job so I could return to college and pay the bill in full, how he gave my Dad a new job, and how He has blessed and grown my walk with Him.


Old camera

New camera

After the banquet Justin came over to the house to visit with my family.

I hope you all enjoyed the pictures!!

God bless, Rebecca


Katie said...

Awe, awesome pictures Rebecca!! And I'll have to say, Justin did an awesome job on giving you the camera that way. How cool! : ) I'm glad y'all had a good time...and the pictures of you and Justin are so sweet! : )

A Godly Girl in an Ungodly World said...

That was great!...How sweet of Justin!!...I'm so happy your night went wonderful~And loved the pics!..;)