Monday, December 7, 2009

Our Story

Our Story

(pics were from this past Sunday)

How we met and started courting... first off, my church has a day college, NEBC and a night college, NESB Justin attends NEBC, I attend NESB.

1. We met at the NEBC/ NESB Christmas banquet of 2008,
(no true interest in him on my part beforehand but I did think he was a nice, friendly guy.)
I ended up sitting by myself, facing an empty chair...(not of my own choosing But now I know it was God's plan ) when he came over and asked to sit with me. I said yes...we talked and talked about all kinds of things....which I thought very interesting .

Justin asked me a question, about what I thought the Lord wanted for my life... I answered that I was surrendered to be a pastor's wife, or a missionary (or missionary's wife)...he said, "Well,um, what about a Christian school teacher's, or Principle's wife?" I thought that kinda odd, but I didn't realize what was going on in his head!!
"Yes,...whatever God wants that's what I want,"
He sighed a relieved sigh...I never realized till later why he was so relieved! Justin later told me he was scared to death when I mentioned pastor or missionary ONLY! Justin's major is 2ndary education.

2. Christmas break was immediately afterwards, a whole month wondering what exactly happened at that banquet. We had absolutely no contact till college resumed. I will tell you one thing, I prayed and prayed and prayed and prayed (He did too )

3. College classes resume for NEBC and NESB. First time I see him, we talked and talked about our Christmases...we were becoming friends...and I was liking him a bit more...I realized Justin was repeatedly coming over to say hi to me and to talk after church, and we were becoming friends. I was determined NOT to have feelings for anyone as well and guard my heart. I decided that I would not allow feelings until it was completely obvious that he was having feelings for me. I repeatedly begged God, "If he isn't the one don't let me even like him as a friend If he is the one, flood my soul with peace!" God answered my prayer, and I had such peace and joy.

4. The NEBC/NESB Valentine banquet was coming. Justin asked my father's permission to take me with my parents as chaperons. My father gave his permission. Justin asked me if I would go with him(....I still remember that sigh of relief and that huge grin on his face when I agreed ) At the banquet Justin told me that he liked me, that something was different about me and he would like to get to know me better. He asked if I liked him...the answer was a cautious yes . He gave me a card signed "With love, Justin"--- I found that quite interesting.

5. We began to leave little Hi how are you, hope your week is going well notes for each other on campus. Also, something cute started.... I found this quote... Draw a circle not a heart around the one you love, for the heart can break, but a circle goes on forever I would draw a u with a circle around it. My way of saying, " you know what? I do like you...maybe even love you,"

6. Justin's family came to visit my family, at this point we were an unofficial courting couple I guess.

7. March the 20th 2009 he asked my Dad for permission to start courting, that night he asked me. I said yes. With no hesitation

On December the 11th 2009 (three days away!!!!!!) Justin and I are attending the Christmas Banquet... it's been one very amazing year!! I cannot thank God enough for giving me someone so sweet and wonderful and handsome as Justin.

Sweet memories!

I can't wait to see what God is going to do!!


Although this one was was too brother jumped in!!!!!


HIS daughter said...

Hmmm I think I have read that once before ;) What an awesome thing God has done in you and your sweethearts life!
It is so exciting to look ahead and wonder what God is going to do :) He is so good!
Blessings :)

Jennifer said...

Great Post, Rebecca! Very encouraging! I love to read about your courtship!

Paulina said...

It's amazing how God works in our lives! I am so happy for you Rebecca :)

George said...

Like the picture - but why does Collin look Chinese? :) Mrs. K

~Rebecca~ said...

HIS Daughter- God is soooo good! I can't wait to see what God's going to do in you and your Sweetheart's life!

Jennifer- Thanks! I love Writing about my courtship!!

Paulina- every day I learn to trust Him more, God is so good to Justin and I!

Mrs. K- Collin's looked that way since the day he was born!!! LOL The way he smiles makes his eyes get long and slanty. I can only think of a dentist's ad when I see that pic!!


A Godly Girl in an Ungodly World said...

Ya'lls story is SO beautiful!!...It's SOO nice to see someone with the same beliefs as me...I'm so very blessed to have found your blog!..My prayers are with both you and your beau!!..:D