Sunday, January 24, 2010


I made donuts for Stephanie on Saturday (the 23rd) as an early Birthday gift!

Homemade glaze too!!

Katty-Kat (Katelyn) was excited!!


Today (January 24th her b-day) we had a party for Stephanie to celebrate her 11th Birthday!

Daddy putting candles on the cake.

Someone REALLY likes that card...and the $20 that was in the card!!
Our grandparents gave that to her.

In the back... Cousins Elisabeth and Sarah, my Mom, my Grandpa and my Uncle Roger

Justin also came since it was our Sunday for a visit...

I gave Stephie Lindt Truffles

Mom and Dad bought her this lovely doll!

Katty-Kat and Grandma are ready for cake!

The cake!!!

Make a wish!

Now you may be wondering why this picture is here...the 24th is Justin's Birthday too!!!!
We actually surprised him, as he wasn't expecting us to light candles and sing for him too!

He turned 21 this year!!!
We think it is quite interesting that he and Stephie share the same day for their birthdays! There is actually another little boy in our church who was also born on the 24th, same age as Stephie and born in the same hospital!!

I guess January 24th is a popular day!!

Knowing how much Justin loves to read (he has at least 100 books!) my parents bought him a Dave Ramsey book. YAY!!
Not only does he love to read, but he is financially savvy. This is book is also a benefit to us as a couple. I get to read it next!!

I gave Justin my present and he was STUNNED.
I was delighted by his reaction, he was actually speechless for a few minutes!!

Looks like a simple ordinary mug...right???
(unfortunately my cousin cut off my Honey's head when she snapped the pic)

It is not a "simple Mug" by any means!!

This is the front of the mug...

The left side...
All of these pictures I took at a oriental tea shop.

And the right side...
I saw these at and realized for my mug-loving Sweetheart, there was no better gift!!
Now he can go back to the dorms and drink that homemade Hot Cocoa I made for him in style!!

I also gave Justin a glass mug, it looks like an antique "Coca Cola" glass. In this picture I am putting wrapping tissue in the cup to protect it.

Justin and I with our cake and Ice cream!!

Stephie and her new doll!!

God Bless,


HIS daughter said...

Awww I LOVE those pictures of you and Justin!!! So sweet :)

George said...

I love that mug!!
Tell Stephanie and Justin I said Happy Birthday!!

Miss Emily said...

Those donuts look yummy! And that mug is so adorable!!

God bless!
Emily <3