Monday, January 11, 2010

Courting is SO MUCH FUN!

We were going to have Justin over for lunch Sunday... I was VERY excited! While preparing one of the side dishes I had an accident. I was about to strain some pasta, and ended up pouring the boiling hot water on my hand. :(
(My hand is better now.)

(My family tells me it happened because I was daydreaming about my Sweetheart... hmmmm)

So after "successfully" burning my thumb and treating it... Justin did show up and we had lunch. The flowers above were from him! :)

We had a great afternoon! For the first time since we started courting we played the Wii together. "Super Mario Bros."...needless to say we could have done much better without a certain someone (being me) constantly getting eaten by monster plants, falling down into holes or getting squashed by flaming balls. Pretty soon all of my 7 siblings were in the room laughing with us.
I haven't laughed that hard in a while myself!

Justin would go, "Ok, just take it slow...that's it! Now push the button...yes! That's it.... see you can do it Honey!...oh...we got a game over... well, let's try it again,"

Unfortunately I have no pics of us together doing this...but trust me, it was hilarious!

Courting is so much fun!


God Bless,


Sarah and Mrs. Covey said...

haha, I was just checking the blogs I follow right as you posted!! Courting does sound like tons of fun, except for burning your hand, no fun!!!


A Godly Girl in an Ungodly World said...

I honestly love reading your blogs. I haven't been on here in a while but this last one was awesome! :) I'm SO happy for you Rebecca! About your hand I'm sorry you burnt it but glad it feels better! lol I accidently cut my finger pretty bad while washing a kitchen knife yesterday.The kitchen is a very dangerous place! Haha ;)