Monday, January 4, 2010

A Grand Day Out

I recently was able to go out for the afternoon with Justin and his family!
We went to Olive Garden for lunch. Justin and I swapped half of our meals to each other, So besides salad and scrumptious bread sticks I had Chicken Parmigiana (i think that's how its spelled?) and stuffed Manicotti.

Then we headed out to Verizon to get Justin's cell while we were waiting for the repairs to be made we went to Toys R Us, and Pier 1 Import. I've never been to Pier 1, so I found it absolutely fascinating!! I "fell in love" with quite a few dish sets they were selling, but price tags cured me!! :)

After we picked up Justin's newly repaired cell we ventured over to the mall.
We went to Borders, and even a cute little Oriental tea shop! All these pictures are from the tea shop.

We also took a glance at a Jewelry store...
Anyone for puppy dog paw print necklaces??
Or something sparkly-er? :)

We had fun window shopping of course!
While were at the tea shop Justin had me try two different types of tea, one was a chai tea, the other a fruit blend. wasn't too bad!

Justin examining some tea accessories.

Justin LOVES teas. He has tried many different blends and knows alot about all kinds of teas.
Did you know that there is such a thing as CHOCOLATE teas????

It was a wonderful and refreshing time with the Muzykas.
It has been a while since I had so much time with my Sweetheart!
I enjoyed being with him and his family so much,
And I say a big thankyou to my parents and his for arranging the day!

God Bless,

I have recently joined a website to display my photography, you can visit my gallery here!


Julia said...

Was that Christiana mall that you went to? The pictures from that store look really familiar. If it is the same store I really loved it!

Julia said...

It must be a chain store. I have never seen the store before in other malls but I guess there must be more than one of them out there. What church does your family go to?