Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Years Everyone!
Soooo, 2009 was my first full year of blogging.
Alot happened this year!

1. In January -my sister Stephanie turned 10 on January 24th, and Justin turned 20 (his birthday is the same day as her's is hilarious!)

2. In February -I turned 20 on the 27th of the month

3. In March -Justin and I began courting~March 20th 2009!
My brother Brandon turned 18 on the 30th

4. In April -My Dad was laid off, (and 6 months later found a new job!) Justin's sister Jessica's b-day is on the 14th, Mrs. Muzyka is the 18th and Mr. Muzyka is the 20th!

5. In May -God provided the beginning of many odd jobs over the summer for me to return to school, My Parents celebrated 23 years of marriage the 10th... my sister Katelyn turned 3 on May 11th, brother Matt turned 6 on May 21

6. In June, June 11th is Daddy's birthday!

7. July, On July 4th I attended Justin's cousin's wedding!! We had so much fun that day! VBS happens at my church... I love VBS!

8. August, birthday month!! Caleb is the 12th (he turned 5) , Mom is the 25th, Jeremiah's is the 31rst (he turned 9)

9.September, Back to School! YAY!! I love the Night college! Collin...the last birthday day for our family in the year...September 2nd... Sweet 16! Dad found a new job!!!!

10. October, School continues, Midterms come!!!

11. November, Thanksgiving! We start playing the Christmas music!! heeheehee

12. December, Finals! The long awaited Christmas Banquet! And My favorite holiday of the year....Christmas day!

So 2010!!!
High hopes for the school year, and for the courtship.
March 20th will be the 1yr mark for our courtship... I still can hardly believe it... I can hardly believe it's been a year, and I can hardly believe I actually have someone so special!!

So I hope you all keep reading... never know what will happen this year!

God bless!


Rachel M. said...

Happy New Year, Rebecca! :)

Rachel M. said...

I awarded you with the fresh squeezed award of attitude and gratitude over at my blog. :) God bless you, Rebecca!

Rachel M.

Katie said...

I awarded you, check out my blog for details!