Tuesday, January 19, 2010


The night college (NESB) and the day college (NEBC) have officially begun the new spring semester 2010!

This means that Justin is back... :)

I had my first class Monday night (Bible Doctrines II) and it went great. It felt soooo good to be back in the classroom studying God's word in such detail again!

I will have my other class on Thursday nights (Christian Woman's Ministries II) and am looking forward to that!

My favorite part of Bible Doctrines is that a pastor is teaching this class and we can ask alot of questions about the Bible! Last semester I learned so much because I simply asked a question! I have really enjoyed taking this class!

Wednesday...being the 20th of the month means 1o months of courtship for Justin and I! Soon to be one year! God is soo good!

This very excited fella is my little brother Matthew.

God bless, Rebecca

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George said...

Congratulations today, Becca!!!!