Saturday, January 9, 2010

Learning to Ski

Breathe deeply....

Hands tighten their grip....

Put one foot in front of the other one...

And I guess I should try again?

Hi, I'm Rebecca's brother Collin... of 5 brothers

And I am learning how to ski!

Hi Everyone! Me (-Rebecca-) here!
And yes, this is my little bro and yes he is learning how to ski!
These pics were actually taken last January, but thought that you all would still enjoy them since...well it is January again!

Collin was given these skis when a family in our church moved out of state.

He was anxious to try them dad built him a hill in our backyard

And I...the ever brave-hearted photographer... couldn't resist an opportunity like this!

So he managed to get them on and then the *fun* began!!

Trust me, this isn't an easy thing to do!

On the hill!!!!!!

Getting ready...

This must be a silent prayer moment...

Going down...

If at first you don't succeed...try try again!!!!!!!!!

And so, our hero lives to conquer another snowy day!

I videotaped some of the grand event... Collin and Jeremiah are here checking it out!
Collin was a great sport, and he gets more spills on the!

Enjoy the video!

God bless,

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