Friday, January 15, 2010

Only By His Grace

My Journey of Courtship is an amazing one. A Journey I thank God for often.

A few months ago I was talking with a young lady about courtship, and she told me her case was hopeless.

I smiled and said that it wasn't hopeless, she just needed to wait on God and trust in His timing.
"That's easy for you to have a man!! You don't have to worry about it anymore!"

I didn't quite know how to respond to this sweet young lady- I did say that I remembered very well the time before I started courting, and my own worries and fears.

Our conversation then took a different topic, but I didn't forget her words.

I know that several of my readers are young ladies who are not courting at this time... and you visit my blog and read about how much fun I'm having...and sigh.

So I just want to encourage you all. I used to visit the blogs of girls who were courting or engaged and I would sigh too. I thought for sure I would never be "lucky enough" to find someone.
My dear Mother would remind me often that "17...18...19 is a little early to worry about not finding that special someone!"

It wasn't until the middle of Justin's sophomore year at the college that I realized he was rather friendly to me, wanting to say "hi" often, going out of his way to find me at church and talk to me.
Before that time- I never really noticed him. I knew his name, and that he was befriending my younger brother and that was about it. And now, we have been courting for nearly ten months!

So, Don't lose heart! The way God will bring that special someone into your life will be for His glory! Imagine that!? And the more hopeless your situation seems, the more miraculous it will be when God finally brings you both together.

And on my blog I share all the fun times we have together... but there is so much more! :)

We have been through trials together, and through those trials I've learned so much! When ever I have become discouraged, Justin always encourages me in the Lord and reminds me that God is in control of every situation, and that it will not last forever. And after the trial our courtship grows stronger. Because of Justin, I'm learning patience, to not worry as much, and to trust God.

I've learned of God's love in a very real way, and I keep learning.

It's Only By His Grace.

May God richly bless you all!


Skye said...

Rebecca...You have a beautiful soul! Your words are so full of love no matter what they may be saying. You can truly see God through you. What a lovely thing! :)

God's Been Good said...

I can say that I have been a 23 year old, I was beginning to worry, but I had prayed about it, worried over it, and seeing my cousin married, my friends married, and expecting children, I really was worried, but I just came to the point where I just left it in the Lord's hands! And can you believe? He answered it the very next day! I was praying about a certain young man, and I asked the Lord if it was His will and in His timing, could He give me Jonathan for Christmas, and then that night I left it with Him. The very next day, Jonathan called daddy to ask permission to court me! How awesome is our God!

Thanks for the post!