Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Please Pray!!

Please pray for Dr. Earl Jessup,

An update was given at my home church...
He has been fighting cancer for some time now and at the beginning of this week (Jan 17,2010) he was told by doctors that he has about a year and a half to live. He has an inoperable tumor on his lung and has begun chemo to stop the growth.

I have met him once when he came to visit my church for a conference, and he worked right along with our former assistant pastor (Pastor Dave) when Pastor Dave went to plant a new church in Arizona.

You can visit this link to read more --- Baptist Church Planting Ministry

Please pray for Dr. Jessup and his family

~ God bless ~Rebecca


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your prayers for Dr. Jessup and his family! I first heard him preach at PCC, six years ago. His passion for churches planting churches encouraged and inspired me.

His son-in-law, Danny, and daugter, Sue, are members of our church and I really cherish their friendship. Please keep praying for the entire family.

Anonymous said...

To my knowledge there is not a family by the name of Blaser in our church, but it could be one of Dr. Jessup's other children. I have met Sue's sister before; but I really don't know how many siblings she may have.

American History said...

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