Saturday, January 30, 2010

Valentine Memories 2009

Last year Justin asked me to attend the NEBC Valentine's Banquet with him. Were weren't courting yet, so I never posted the pics. Well, I thought since we are going again this year (the 5th of Feb), that you all might enjoy seeing last years pictures too!

And yes, I will be posting this year's pictures next week!!

My photography was just starting to bud at this time! (this shot wasn't very good though!)

I curled my hair for the banquet... I probably will NEVER do that again! I have very very very thick hair!

Jen and Rachel showing off their lovely gowns!

Align Center
Dan B. He was a good sport and took some pics for me.

Kendra and Priscilla

After the meal, devotions, special music and skit we have picture takin' time!!!

I love this pic! Jared is checkin out the drapes (lol) and Rob looks lost!!

Tabbie and I. Tabbie's parents are missionaries in Europe.

Melissa and Aaron, engaged to be married this spring!

Jim and Priscilla, engaged to be married this summer!

Bekah and Troy, married last spring, they also just had their first child!

Justin and I, courting since March 2009! :)

The first of many bouquets from my SweetHeart

I also got a card from Justin...

With this inside. :)

So, I am very excited about this Friday!! I found a very nice royal blue dress, and will only offer one pic of it, since it is to be a surprise to "Someone", and he reads my blog.

God Bless,


Joanne said...

It's nice to see that you believe in courting - Praise God!

In Christ,
Joanne in MO

nay nay said...

Can't wait to see pictures of this year! Looks like a great time...hope you have fun! ((: