Monday, February 15, 2010

CBC's Valentine Banquet

My parent's attended our church's banquet for married couples this past weekend.

They invited Justin's parents to the banquet too!

All these pictures were taken by my parents and the Muzykas...edited and blogged by me!

I think my photography itch rubbed off on my parents!

I believe Mrs. Muzyka took this one, a snap shot of the centerpieces at each table. The roses were prizes, and Mrs. Muzyka won! She gave some roses for my mom to take home.

Mr. Muzyka's creative use of heart shaped confetti! Isn't that sweet?
:) very cute!!

This is my handiwork, of my mom's roses that are now sitting on our table!

I know that they had fun!!

And with this ends the Valentine posts... I think.

God bless, Rebecca!

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