Monday, February 22, 2010

Connect 4 by 4

Justin and I had a date again at the school cafeteria last Thursday before I had to go to class, and after our meal he pulled out a game of "Connect 4 by 4". He asked Paul and Tom to play with us

Paul and Justin.

Paul won twice. :( I wanted Justin... (or me) win!!

This game is very complicated!!!

Contemplating their next moves.

I think long and hard too.

I'm thinking, Tom's thinking, Paul's watching the "photographer" Ben and Justin is thinking.

Tom kept "helping me" to figure out my next move, then Paul "helped" me. Tom almost won, but Paul "helped" us both. So Paul won...again.

I like how Justin is in deep thought as he watches Tom. I love the little thinking smile on his handsome!

And Paul is still watching Ben (the co-photographer for me) I wonder how he won.

Anyways, it was alot of fun!!

God bless, Rebecca

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