Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Escape Artist

The boy gasped, could that thing truly be what his ancestors had been searching for all these years? He had to follow it...

He pressed on into the woods, deeper and deeper; following the subtle trail.

He took no thought of the intense danger and risks of entering into this forbidden realm, this mysterious and elusive kingdom.

What horrible dangers would befall the ambitious young boy, destined in his mind to become his country's hero?

That is at least how it went, until he hit a snag...literally!


This was about two years ago, my brother was doing a "photo shoot" for me, I was trying to create a story with photos and Collin happened to become "volunteered"...
(he even dressed this way and combed his hair this way just for my story! What a trooper!!)
Anyways- at one point he got stuck, and I being such a tender-hearted and compassionate soul
(lol) switched the camera to video and well, you will see the rest!! (I apologize for the sound quality, I was laughing so hard!)


God bless,


HIS daughter said...

THAT IS HILARIOUS!!!! OMW!! Love LOVE the video! You are such a compassionate sister ;) LOL :) I would have done the exact same thing! i love being able to have fun with my siblings! :)

Sarah and Mrs. Covey said...


I tagged you, so you can check out my blog for details,