Saturday, February 27, 2010

I'm 21!

Today is my birthday!
I thought you all would like to see through the years....

2 days old...and yes, my hair stayed standing straight up for several months! lol!!

About 2 years old here...

At 4 years...I seemed to develop a "sweet" personality!!!
My parents were saved around this time.

Collin and Brandon help cook!

My brothers and I with our cousins.
I accepted Christ as my Savior on July 24, 1997!

My 11th Birthday party!

My little brother Jeremiah

One year mom made matching dresses for my sister, her and I.

VBS- my first year as a worker, Kings and Castles was the theme that year!

Little Caleb!

At 16!!
We are with Me'Me Albert.
(Me'Me is french for "grandmother", and I don't know if I spelled that right... she is actually our great-grandmother though!) All my grandparents and great grandparents are french.

The big 18!!!

My cousin Liz and I!

So today I'm 21!
I still can't believe I have "made it"!!
No special plans for today, but Sunday (tomorrow) I will have my grandparents and Justin over!
I will hopefully have a few pics from tomorrow to post!

God bless,

**** My 2 best friends, their dad and youngest sister were in a car accident this morning- they are ok, but the car is totaled. Please pray for them to be comforted, and that all will be well.****


Katie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Hope you have a wonderful time tomorrow! : ) And I'll be praying for your friends!

Miss Emily Rachael said...

First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL!!!!!!! It was awesome to see pics of you growing up! And secondly, I'll be praying for your friends!!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! My daughter Skye has followed you for awhile. She's almost 17 and has really been encouraged by you and your convictions. I appreciate your Blog and hope you have a great birthday!

Lina said...

Happy Birthday! Have a blessed day :)

Covey Family said...


Hope you had a great day!!

Amber said...

Happy Happy birthday! It was cool to see those pictures of your growing up years!

Lina said...

Happy Happy Happy Birthday!!!! Love you Dear! <3

Skye said...

Hey! Sorry I'm kinda late with wishing you a Happy Birthday. But, I'm here now! lol ;) HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!<3 :D