Saturday, February 13, 2010

Life is Interesting.

Believe it or not, I was asked this week---
"is the young man sitting next to you your brother?"

"Um, no, actually he is my boyfriend!" I smiled.

**Lady does a double take and blinks eyes**,
"That's so funny, because you both look very much alike!!"

It was a enjoyable moment--they say couples grow to look more like each other with age... guess we jumped ahead!! LOL!!

This past week Justin and I had two "dates" at the school cafeteria before I had to run off to class, very enjoyable. God is so good! Justin was able to sit in on Bible Doctrines with me on Monday night, and come to chapel!! He bought me a milkshake, ain't he sweet??

Thursday's my "Principles to Missions" class (I was going to take a Women's Ministries class, it was cancled, I switched to a different class "Women of the Bible", that night Justin talked me into switching yet again, and I am now taking the Missions class! It has been VERY good, and I know God had a reason I switched...twice. Justin even followed me over to the administrator so I wouldn't "forget" to switch again!! LOL)

Anyway, this date was far more interesting. I have never had Mexican food before, and when Justin found this out he sighed, "We have to seriously introduce you to multicultural foods!" ( he was sooo serious too!)

So, we started with Taco Bell, to introduce me to Mexican food. I think, actually I know he really really really really enjoyed this. He had about 7 different things for me to sample, Tortillas, Chulupa, Nachos with re-fried beans, Burrito, Gordita, Tacos, and Cinnamon twists for dessert. He cut off a little bit of everything, put out a napkin in front of me and placed out the food. Then he sat back, folded his hands and looked very excited-- like a little boy who is about to open his birthday presents!

So, I tasted everything, and ended up eating all of the Chulupa. (it was yummy!) Justin ate the other things, and we shared the Nachos and the Cinn. Twists (heavenly stuff I tell ya!)

It was a great time spent with my Sweetheart! So Justin said "Victory! I knew you would like something!!" I thought that it was a fun "experiment" and I personally enjoyed the look of anticipation on Justin's face when I tried each new thing and he excitedly asked me, "Well, what do you think?"

My parents are baffled...for years they have tried to get me to not be fussy...etc. And then Justin comes along, and Rebecca is eating tomatoes? And Tacos? And sampled a bit of onion???


Love does strange things I guess, and to quote Justin...
"I like the strange things,"

God Bless, Rebecca

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