Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Valentine's Day

Well, Justin is sick with bronchitis! So the celebration of the holiday was over the phone!
He began to not feel well last week and it gradually got worse, and by Sunday he was feeling pretty sick. So we had to cancel our get-together, and he was unable to attend church that night

But it was a very nice phone call, and I hope to see him Wednesday at church.
I can't complain though, the Lord blessed us with two nice dates and the Valentine Banquet!

Please pray for Justin to get well soon!

My mom snuck into my room and started taking pics of me on the phone... lol.

Kat and Collin looks very festive in pretty shades of red!!
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Two sisters played a violin duet of "Be thou my Vision" at church

And Pastor Townsley has been preaching a series of sermons on John 3:16, which have been very good! He had a little boy come up and quote the verse, it was very cute!!

So, that was my Valentine's day!

Again, please keep Justin's health in prayer,

God bless, and Thankyou all!


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