Saturday, February 6, 2010

NEBC Valentine Banquet 2010

So, here are the pictures everyone!!
I am waiting on a few more from a friend of mine,
but decided to show you all the ones I took!

So, Justin cam to the house an hour before the banquet would begin, and we watched one episode of "I love Lucy"!
(And yes, I know I told you all that I would not be curling my hair this year... but, well... **blushing** I did! My mom tried looser, softer curls and it came out very nice)

Katty-Kat couldn't resist getting in the pictures!!
So, my Dad then drove us to the banquet, and our very special evening began.

I still do not see the necessity of 2 forks...

Our table had 3 couples besides Justin and I,
This is Melissa and Aaron, an engaged couple.

Anna and Jared, recently engaged!

and Krisstoff and Yesse, not officially courting yet.
But they have been friends for a year now.

Little party favors

My Sweetheart, soo handsome!!

The Blaser's greeting a couple and the girl's parents.

The buffet line.

My Justin waiting his turn

This is a huge testimony to the staff of the hall, and the waiters and waitresses.
College students coming to a banquet, girls dressed modestly, no drinking and no dancing.
Some listened to the sermon that was preached later. Some of the students left tracts for the staff. I know that God greatly used our testimony for His glory!!!

Our dinner was salad with Balsamic vinaigrette, pasta, potatoes, pork chops, and bread.

Krisstoff and Yesse looking at pictures

Justin and I!! :)

Little sweets

Justin likes coffee, not as much as tea though.

My corsage from Justin, Isn't it beautiful???

Justin's boutonniere I gave him. He kept teasing me when I pinned it on his lapel ..."Don't stick me with the pin like you did last year!!!"
"I did not!!" I laughed.
"Yes, you did!!" he teased back.
"No I did not, but I may this time!!"

Courting is sooo much fun!!!!
And no, I didn't stick him with the pin. :)

I got the dress at Macy's, and fell in love with the vibrant blue color. Justin's mom found the perfect tie for Justin to wear!!!

Justin and I say hello to you all!

Our dessert was a birthday cake for Dr. Blaser! We sang happy birthday to him as well!

Enjoying our cake!

It was soo good!

I guess this was a very nice "birthday party" of sorts!!

The cake was very, very light and fluffy!

Right by out table was a huge fireplace!! It was such a nice touch!

Pastor Todd Bell, the guest speaker.

After closing prayer we had "Picture taking time!"
I LOVE this time!!
This is Aaron and Bruce, some of Justin's friends.

A blurry shot, but it is of some of the guys

Hannah and J.D.

Justin and I with Anna and Jared ... Anna and Jared are our "special couple", long story short- they were the couple that separated me from the other girls at that Christmas banquet of 08, giving Justin the opportunity to sit with me for the meal...and that's how our story began!

Rob with Alex&Holly

Mark videotaping me taking his picture of him videotaping.
Mark is one of Justin's friends.

Aaron and Melissa!
To be married Spring 2010

Anna and Jared!
To be married Summer 2010

Kristoff and Yesse!

Justin and I! :)

Michael and Danielle W.
Our Choir director and his wife have been married for about a year and a half.

This is Joel and Sarah B.
They have been married for about five years, and they have two boys.
I am going to take a minute and brag on them!
This couple has been a powerful influence on my life, to be able to watch a godly young couple actively serving the Lord, have a very Christ-honoring marriage, Biblical standards, and raising children for Him is such a blessing! I love this family!
Both Justin and I look up to them, and I am proud to say that we are friends with them. It is my prayer that God richly blesses Joel and Sarah for being such a godly example.

It is also my prayer that someday young couples can look up to Justin and I as a a godly example as well, just like we look up to Joel and Sarah.

We went outside to the gazebo for picture taking.

It was cold!!
And no, I do not know why Dan and Tim are on the railing.

Needless to say, we soon headed back in!

For some reason this pic looks corny.
I decided to post it because it was the only one where I had the roses from Justin.
20 gorgeous red roses!!!!!!!
Justin loves this pic though.

Justin and... well, the "shy" friend of his. Camera shy at least.

However ... there is a "no flash" setting on my camera!!
So by great stealth I captured a picture of the unsuspecting Bruce.

The picture time is so much fun!!

I am going to dry the corsage.

The very, very sweet card from Justin

The roses!!

I couldn't fit all of the roses in the vase!! some had to be put in a separate vase!

It was a very special evening, and I just was in awe the whole evening about how God has brought us together. I cannot praise God enough for His goodness and Grace!!!

God bless,


Skye said...

Absolutely Beautiful! I'm glad you had a great night! Thanks for posting the pics. They were awesome! :)


Katie said...

Aww, looks like y'all had an awesome time!! I loved seeing the pictures! And I don't think that one of y'all outside with the roses is corny...I love it! : )

Ashish said...

looking Beautiful i like y'all had an awesome time!! I loved seeing the pictures! And I don't think that one of y'all outside with the roses is corny...I love it! Banqueting Halls , Marriage Halls , Wedding Halls, Conference halls