Monday, February 8, 2010

Photo Moments

After the banquet, my Dad took us back to the house, and Justin and I had some time to talk, and do our little "special" thing of reading the comics.

I set my camera on automatic just for fun.

Then Collin, my brother, realized that the camera was on automatic....

So he decided to add a little "spice" to my pictures.

We soon caught on.

And we decided to join in.

Well, I learned two things... siblings love to tease, and both Collin and Justin have a wide array of facial expressions.

Collin, I'm going to show these at your wedding someday!!!

I told you courtship was fun, but it is also highly interesting- and quite the adventure!!

God bless,


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Skye said...

Hahaha! Your brother cracks me up. Those pictures were awesome! Thanks for sharing~ :)