Saturday, March 27, 2010

Church Choir and Teen Service

A few Sundays ago my church held a teen service. This service is where the teens of the church conduct the service. In this photo my brother Collin is leading the congregational singing.
Other teens participate in announcements, special music, ushering and preaching

One young man who preached used the maps on the wall to illustrate his sermon.

Pastor ended the service with a sermon on John 3:16. He had a young girl come to the platform and quote the verse for us!

That morning I did a small solo part in the choir song, and my mom filmed it.
The song is "Praise Your name"
The young lady who does the solos was not at rehearsal the week before, and so Mr W. asked if I would do the solo part.
So, I tried it during rehearsal. This song was brand new to our choir. I didn't do so great during the practice, I was terribly nervous and didn't know the notes yet. Mr W. however thought I did fine and said, "Ok, you are going to do it!"

"Um...when are we doing this song?" I asked.

"Next Sunday morning!" he replied quite cheerfully... a bit too cheerfully

Needless to say, I took the music home and went over it several times!!

I must say thankyou to Mr W., I enjoyed doing the part that morning.

God bless, Rebecca


Miss Emily Rachael said...

You did an awesome job! Very beautiful!!

Emily <3

Rachel M. said...

You did a beautiful job, Rebecca!
Thank you for sharing. :)

Love and blessings in Christ,

Amber said...

You have a very beautiful voice! Glad your mom got it on tape :P

George said...

Wonderful job, Becca!!!
Congratulations on the solo!