Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Me`me`ere's Reception

We had the dinner reception for Me`me`ere's funeral at "The New Mill" restaurant.

We met many relatives, some we haven't seen for more then 5 years.

Especially these two "relatives"... I haven't seen them since 5 minutes ago!
(my two youngest siblings...and if I haven't seen them within the past five minutes...they must be up to something!)

More of my siblings...

Katey and Caleb with cousin M!

Katelyn hugging her very special cousin. They are about the same age.

Smile everyone!

Jeremiah and aunt C.

Matt with aunt C.

Some of my 2nd cousins, Benjamin, Jessica, Michelle and Alexandra.

Uncle Joel ane family
Uncle Joel is my great grandmother's youngest child

Uncle Louie and family!

My brother with one of our many relatives!

The man in green is my Uncle Mark!

My grandma... dad's mom!

Aunt Evelyn... great grandma's oldest child

Outside the restaurant...

Up on the bridge...

With the very neat water mill below!

My dad took these... said he had to take one of his "sweet gal".

Dad told us to wave at him... I am of course, looking in the wrong direction! lol.

I was looking at Jeremiah!

I took my parent's portrait since they were all dressed up and we had beautiful scenery and weather that day.

I like this one!!!

Thankyou to everyone who left comments and prayed for my family during this time.

God bless,


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