Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Birthday Celebration

Hey look, it's me! ... the Birthday girl!!

All but the last 6 photos were taken by my mom and brother Collin.

21 candles... and you can't see the cake. Cheesecake that is.

Make a wish and blow them out.

Look who is peeking round the corner!! My Justin!

Time to open gifts...

PJs from Mom and Dad...

Card and money from Grandparents...

Thankyou Mom, Dad, Grandpa and Grandma!!

One more?

A brand new cell phone from Justin and his family!!! WOW!!!


We celebrated my Grandma's Birthday!!! It was a few weeks ago, but because of a winter storm, and the flu going through our house we didn't get a chance to celebrate it till Sunday.

We gave her a red blazer...now Mom and daughter match!! LOL!

I am standing on a 6" ledge...so I appear to be as tall as Justin.
(Our Sunroom is lower then the rest of the house, and Justin is standing in there, and I am standing on the raised part to the Kitchen) On level footing Justin is a head taller then me.

The dessert! Yummy!! Cheese cake, with strawberry

Serving up the goodies

Dad and Caleb enjoy the sweet stuff. :)

Strawberry cheesecake!!! Makes a great Birthday cake!!!

My sweetheart and I!

This is my brother Matt tickling Justin.
I must commend Justin, he is a very good sport!
He receives an unbelieveable amount of teasing from my 7 younger siblings!! What a trooper!
My sweetheart is a very special man!! :)

Katey wants to be a photographer too!

The flowers from Justin, our 11th month mark of courting was last week... and I received them on the day we celebrated my birthday! They are soooo beautiful!!

My new Cell phone in it's protective slip cover

My brother, Brandon, gave this dvd to me for my birthday. "Get Smart" is a tv show from the late 1960s

It was a great party!

God bless,

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