Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New England Baptist History Rally

This is me, in a car, on my way to the New England Baptist History Rally!
I have to write a paper for class on this trip about what I learned and the first point will be.....
It was a very long trip.

I am grateful to Mrs. McKeever for driving us all the way there!!Mrs. McKeever was so very clever and got us to play a game along the way!! tHat helped to pass the time.
And who was "us?" Well, besides me...

My aunt went...

And another young lady from our church!
By late afternoon we were finally arrived at our destination... the Greater Rhode Island Baptist Temple.

My Church's college choir provided some special music! Here some of the student are saying hello!

The young lady is Justin's sister, Jessica. Justin's whole family was able to attend to! I was sooo happy to see them! The Gentleman at the bottom of the picture is my Pastor, Pastor Townsley.

Pastor looking in his Bible.

Pastor Crichton, the pastor of GRIBT

Bro David Gibbs III of CLA was our guest speaker.

Pastor Townsley also spoke.

I like this picture I took of him! He has been my pastor for 18yrs!

Mr. W. (the choir director)

The choir sang two songs.

"What a Gathering"

I must also mention, GRIBT was celebrating 35 years!

Just some of the people who attended the rally. There must have been at least 200 people if not more.

Me with a friend of mine, Janierra.

Justin, Dr. Blaser and Aaron check out a photograph

This photograph was from the 1984 rally. Both Pastor Townsley and the assistant Pastor Brown of my church are in the photograph. The picture was taken at the First Baptist Church in America. We went to this church later on during the day.

Another Aaron, and my Pastor looking at the photo. The guy who is leaning over is a friend of Justin's. Bruce is quite the character!

Justin and I! If you are new to my blog we have been courting for almost a year!

Everyone waiting to get dinner, graciously provided by GRIBT.

By the time we reached the buffet line all the indoor seating was taken, so we college kids ate outside...some of us at a kiddie table! It was pretty funny.

After dinner we headed out to The First Baptist Church in America

It was dark out by the time we arrived

You may be wondering why that girl is leaning so far back... well she was taking a picture... just like I soon did.

"The First Baptist Church in America is the First Baptist Church of Providence, Rhode Island, also known as First Baptist Meetinghouse.The oldest Baptist church congregation in the United States, it was founded by Roger Williams in Providence, Rhode Island in 1638." -courtesy of Wikipedia

You wouldn't believe how BIG this place is!

Everyone hurrying to get inside.

Being inside the FBC is breathtaking. the building is unbelievably big!

The pews even had little doors!
-I am jealous of the man with that nice big camera, I must apologize for the following shots I took, as the battery decided it was going to start to die on me.

The combined Choirs. The acoustics in this building are wonderful!!!

"Press On"

The Balcony at the back of the church, with an organ!!

Assistant Pastor B of my home church was asked to share his testimony.

Pastor T. introduced the college choir...

The choir.

Bro Gibbs III gave an excellent sermon!

After the service they had all the pastors pose for a group photo.

And then with their wives.

Then, we were dismissed, and so began the trek back to the parking lot, hop into the car and head back home! I took a cat nap on the way back. :)

I am very thankful to Mrs. McKeever the wife of the great
church planter, missionary and evangelist- the late Dr. Bob McKeever, for taking me along with her on this trip!!! May God richly bless her!

God bless,

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