Friday, March 19, 2010

Time Flies When Courting!

I noticed that I haven't blogged as much lately, after midterms hopefully I will post more often!
School is going well, my missions class is a bit challenging but God is good!
This Saturday (tomorrow) is a rather important day... exactly 365 days since Justin and I started courting!

I still can't believe it has already been a year, it is exciting!

Because the 20th falls on a Saturday, and Justin works on Saturdays, we originally assumed we wouldn't get to see each other and instead he would come visit Sunday afternoon. But then, come to find out, he happened to get Saturday off, and then his dad got Saturday off...

So... the Muzyka's will be coming over for some of my homemade donuts Saturday!! The Lord totally worked out a visit for us!

Now, I just need to make sure I do not mess up the donuts!! LOL.

When Justin asked me to start courting last year, I had made homemade pizza dough for dinner that night. He was coming over for dinner and my Dad was going to pick him up at the dorms. During the drive Justin asked my Dad's permission to start courting. I remember looking outside the window as my Dad and Justin sat in the truck talking...and talking...and talking.

When they finally came back in it took Justin 20 minutes to tell me what the discussion was. He kept putting off telling me what my dad's conclusion was!!! At last he FINALLY told me that dad gave his permission, and would I let him court me?


So, we had the pizza... and while it was cooking in the oven I realized I had forgotten something VERY important for the dough.

After the meal I asked my family and Justin, "Uh, how was the pizza?"


"Oh good, see I forgot the salt,"

"So that's why it tasted a little different," Justin said.

*sigh*... and that's how we started courting.

That wasn't half as bad as the cheescake bars I later made for him.... I put 2 tblsp of salt instead of 2 tsp....but that's another story!


God bless,


Lina said...

Cute story! It made me smile :)

Emily said...

One year already! How special. I pray that your heart will be patient as you wait for Justin's (hopefully soon) proposal! You two are wonderful together.