Friday, April 16, 2010

Bible Conference

My church held it's annual Spring Bible Conference this past week!
Services every night and chapels everyday!

We were treated to some wonderful singing by several sacred music groups and solos as well. Both by our own members and a visiting Pastor.

And of course, good old fashioned Congregational singing! My mom is on the right...and Justin's family is standing in the middle of this pic!

The church was packed every service!

My little brother,

and another little brother. I must say he was very quiet during that service.

The best one we sang was "Heaven Came Down and Glory Filled My Soul,"
Everyone sang their best!

This one also was simply beautiful!

On the last day I was able to attend the Chapel meetings,
the gentleman singing is my Mission's teacher at the night college!

My pastor!! :)

Pastor James God, he preached some great sermons!!

The College Choir!

Pastor Moore, he sang for us every service!

God has blessed Pastor Moore with a voice to sing His praise!

Pastor Garnett.

I was able to see a few friends at the Chapels, I was so excited!

Pastor Cashman

Pastor Amsbaugh

Young men and preacher boys praying at the altar.
May God use each one of them for His glory!
I am so glad I took this photo.

Some other dear young ladies that I saw there!

And of course, this fella.

"We need another picture Rebecca?"
"Of course! One can never have too many pictures!!!"

What a good sport to cooperate with the wanna-be photographer!!

Pastor Moore sang this very special song from the 1950s, my pastor requested it. There were 7 verses I think, this is the last one!

God bless,


Covey Family said...

Pastor God... hmmm interesting name =D!!! looks like y'all had a good time!!!

Gail Moore said...

Thanks for the pictures, Rebecca. You take very good pictures as well as videos! "Well Think of That" has become a favorite everywhere my husband sings! I'm glad he was able to do that there for you folk. Gail