Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Grand Day Out

This past weekend I was able to go visit the Muzyka's on a Sunday, and attend Justin's home church! I had a wonderful time visiting with them!

After church we headed over to the Muzyka's house, for lunch and a party celebrating the many relatives with April birthdays! We had pasta, bread, salad and yummy fried dough for lunch!

It was great seeing everyone again and just enjoying a beautiful and sunny afternoon!

Justin turned right before I snapped this picture! His mom and his cousin's wife are enjoying their meal.

Shadow enjoying the shade.

We got a strong breeze on this porch!

The Birthday Cake! Mr. Muzyka cleverly placed all the April b-day's names on the ice cream cake he made!

Jessica and Mrs. M. lighting the candle...or trying to, the wind wasn't helping!

Birthday people!

Jessica had the right idea! Wish I could have helped clean the candle too! Mr. M prepares to cut the cake while the eager children look on.

Leah earned a few "friends" while trying to eat her cake.

It was soo cute! they kept stretching their necks to peek into her plate!!

Justin enjoying his slice of cake.

Up on the hill!

If he had known I was taking his picture he would have smiled.
...but he still looks so handsome. ;)
I guess I should start warning people I am taking a picture??? NAH... candid is so much more fun!! lol.

Mr. M. explaining Bananagrams to Aunt Marianne.

Two of the many many relatives playing Bananagrams.
Awesome game!!!

Hey look, I got on the other side of the lens!!! ;)
Justin took this one.

I still am amazed its been a year since we started courting!

I guess I'm just amazed I am courting to begin with!

Mrs. M and Liz and little Baby!

The many ponderings of a mother...

Grandma, Aunt Jackie and Aunt Nancy kept Justin and I company before evening church service.
This was very enjoyable!

We read the comics too, always get a good laugh from those. It starts where he is chuckling at one. I ask "which one?" Justin points out the delightful strip and then I too am laughing.
:) I love laughing together.

Shadow had the right idea!!!

After a very nice church service, we went back to Justin's house and played Catan, and had some yummy snacks.
Then Justin's family drove me back home, and we said goodbye. It was a wonderful day and I am so thankful that my parents let me go, and I am very thankful that Justin's family arranged the whole trip!

God bless,


Amber said...

Awww! Kept me smiling the whole way :)

Miss Emily Rachael said...

I loved looking through the photos, you are just so beautiful girl!! And I've been praying for you and Justin :-D

God bless!
Emily <3

Luci said...

Beautiful pictures! Y'all look so cute together! :)


George said...

I can't believe you have been courting for a year either! Love you!